Szkolenie "Clean Code for testers"

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Working in a team, in today's IT world, comes with a lot of challenges such as different coding styles and different tests architectures. These challenges create obstacles for easily reading a new code or maintaining an existing code. Therefore, in this training we will look at these challenges in details and discover the different principles and guidelines that will allow testers to create an easily readable and maintainable tests, in other words to create clean coded tests. In this training we will discover the common mistakes of developers and testers and learn from them in order to allow a high level of quality of code that can bring more values to the under development system. We will therefore, learn, together, how to structure our code, how to better name it's components and how easily this can be done through following small steps.


  1.  Clean code?
  2.  Problems of uncleaned code
  3.  Basic principles:
  • Code structure
  • Code Quality
  • Code readability
  • Naming conventions (attributes,     parameters, class names, methods...)
  • Tests
  • Code smells
  • Design Patterns
    • Common problems
    •  Useful design patterns for testers
    • Design patterns high-level walkthrough       

      4. Useful Principles:

  • KISS
  • DRY

      5.  Applied Clean Code for tests: BDD use case Workshop (Webshop testing)

  • How to structure your tests
  • Write a code that doesn't need to be commented
  • Applying clean code principles while writing automated tests in C#, xUnit and Selenium

Before training:

Trainees must have a computer that's configurable for development with an IDE installed (Depending on the preferred programming languages (C# or Java)).

After training:

In this training, participants will gain the needed theoretical and practical knowledge about code quality, how to improve existing code and build new testing code for a high level of maintainability and readability to understand that quality starts from the first lines of their code.


Do tego szkolenia nie ma żadnych materiałów szkoleniowych.

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